The Business Savvy Makeup Artist

I am constantly asked so many questions from other industry professionals about how to get started, or how to make this profession lucrative, and so many more questions on a daily basis.  So, I went to Jacqueline with this idea and she was so happy to collaborate with me.  We have and will be interviewing other professionals from all over the world, from all aspects of the industry to find out what it means to them to be a Business Savvy Makeup Artist, and how they capitalized on their career.

Here are the recorded webinars that we’ve done so far.  We really hope that they will help others!

Part 1: Jacqueline Menconi

Part 2: Leigh Raeder

Part 3: Monina Wright

Part 4: Rachel Jones

PART 5: Deborah Compeau

Part 6: Maleeva Epperson

Part 7: Tiffiny Loung

Pat 8: Luis Perez

Part 9: Sophia Chau Hoang

Part 10: Emily Mahan

Part 11: Kristina Makris

Part 12: Rachel Lorraine

Part 13: Jennifer Halma