Leigh Raeder

Leigh Raeder is a highly skilled Master Cosmetologist for over 2 decades, specializing in advanced color, cutting, hair extensions and makeup artistry. Leigh’s success as a salon owner in Wisconsin has spurred her passion in helping others and giving back to the Beauty Industry as a whole. Understanding the needs of professionals and impacting the industry has led her to becoming a top National Educator. She has a strong passion for helping other beauty professionals become successful beauty entrepreneurs. Helping them gain modern cutting edge exclusiveness financial security and setting the next trends for our every changing industry.

She is a wife and mother to two teenage boys who loves to travel, and has started to blog about her journeys.
All Things Beauty



4 Responses to Leigh Raeder

  1. Barbara Krueger says:

    I would love a makeup session, I’m 53 and would like to look more polished

  2. LeighRaeder says:

    Hi Barbara, I would love to have a session with you! Please contact me at Leigh.Raeder@gmail.com and we can make arrangements. I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Susie Welsh says:

    There’s not enough stars to give you for the GREAT job you do on people’s make up!!! You make people look flawless no matter how bad a person’s skin is. You make people look not only on point but you help make one feel so beautiful and radiant!!! Thanks so much for all you do!!!!❤ You ROCK Leigh Raeder!!!!❤

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